We ( have launched this website on October 10th, 2021 with a motive to help people who are struggling with jobs in Qatar,Bahrain,Dubai,Kuwait,Oman,Saudi and for the employers who are fed up in searching for the right candidate for their organization. we keep on expanding our site in a way that it benefits both employer and employees and we try to keep most of the website services for free (Searching for jobs, posting jobs, tips, and tricks to get jobs). We would mostly rely on income from the ads that's been displayed on the website.


Since the day it was launched, we are booming on the site in terms of the number of visitors or visitor satisfaction in getting their right jobs or for employers getting the right candidate.

Our website has more mobile users than desktop users and we have great user experience even for mobile devices too.

we keep on trying to improve our site, better user experience to reduce the gap between the employers and employees and we work towards achieving the great user experience to both employer and employee.


Help the employers to find the right candidate for the job and help the employees to get the right organization for their skills.


Make the website reach to everyone starting from local restaurants looking for a cook to giant companies looking for ceo's.